Three producers initiated legal action in a California courtroom yesterday (June 25), accusing T-Pain, SRC Records boss Steve Rifkind and others of copyright infringement.

At issue is T Pain’s hit single “I’m N Luv With A Stripper,” which a group songwriters claim is stolen material.

According to a complaint filed Monday (Jun 23) with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Rodney King (no relation), Jeff Byrd and James Reese are demanding a trial by jury and seeking an award for damages including any gains, profits and advantages obtained as a result of the alleged infringement.

In 1997, the three plaintiffs, who collectively have worked with the likes of Lionel Richie, Teena Marie, and 90’s group All For One, created a song titled “Makin’ Luv 2 A Player.”

The lawsuit suggests that T-Pain, born Faheem Najm, then received a copy of their song, from which he drew more than inspiration for his 2005 hit featuring Mike Jones.

“The musical hook is nearly identical,” attorney Gregory Bodell told sources. “It’s a little slower in my clients’ song, but it was of course recorded 8 years earlier. When I listened to it, I said, ‘That’s the same hook.’

“Given how similar the hook is musically, and the lyrics aren’t that different, from ‘Makin’ love to a playa’ to “I'm in Luv Wit a Stripper,’ it’s hard to believe that Rifkind, who had my clients’ original song, didn't give the song to T-Pain,” Bodell claimed. “It is especially likely that this happened since originally, back in ’98 when he met with Mr. King, he and his A&R staff were trying to determine which of his artists would best perform the song. It seems they found T-Pain in 2005.”

The plaintiffs have requested that the court determine an amount of punitive and exemplary damages that is “sufficient to punish [the defendants] and to deter similar conduct in the future,” according to the lawsuit.


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  1. RizzumRick says:

    Okay so how does that make T-Pain a THIEF? Your title is very missleading. There’s a possibility that the record was brought to him to sing on with out the knowledge of where or who made it before hand. Aren’t you suppose to be a PRO HipHop blog? Don’t be so quick to judge when you don’t have all the actual facts laid out in front of you. T Pain should have his lawyers contact you in regard to defaming his name and character. E-mail if you need another response…until then I’ll be over at Bossip.com or Sandrarose.com.

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