Taraji P. Henson admitted to feeling guilty about living apart from her 17-year-old son, Marcel, to film “Person of Interest” in New York. He’s in LA with Taraji’s own mother to finish high school while Taraji plays a detective on the CBS show. “Sometimes you have to cut the umbilical cord,” she said. “I feel guilty, but at least I know I can pay for his college.” The DC native seemed excited about life here, telling Page Six at the L’Oréal Paris Legends Gala, “It’s great living in the city. You can just blend in.”

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  1. this lady never age she look as she was back in 2000 when she made that movie “Babyboy” with Tyrese.

  2. If I can get into this business like I’ve always wanted to, I would love to meet this woman.
    She is graceful, spicey, and her body is ridiculous. This is the kind of Woman I would Love to marry. Taraji P, it would be on and poppin.

  3. I lov dis lady

  4. I really lurv dis lady

  5. tiffanysmith says:

    LeI luv her…she is one of my favorite actresses who actually can play any role

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