The April 9th issue of People Magazine features the cover story ‘Trayvon Martin’s death – An American Tragedy.’ The magazine claims they have heartbreaking new details in the killing of an unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a Florida neighborhood. The slaying of Trayvon a Florida high school student who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman

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  1. Your cover is really SICK! Let’s get a current picture of this guy, not when he’s 9! The one where he has gold teeth and is giving us the finger. You ofcourse put in all his vile tweets. Right. Ha..ha..

    This is Journalism????????????????? Shame!

    • shut da FUCK UP it’s dumb ass people like you is tha reason of whats going 2day stupid bitch

      • dalynisanass says:

        Spoken like a true ghetto punk!
        Keep that stereotypical image going! Dumbass…

      • Straight outta Compton says:

        I hate to say this but, you just made yourself look like such a nigger by not using proper grammar. Go back to grade school and learn the basics! Oh that’s right, you people never want to prosper that’s why you guys are so ghetto

        • YouAreIgnorant says:

          Spoken like a true racist. Does anyone ever wonder if white people are born evil? Its like you are the most hateful race. You kill indians for their land, enslave africans, nuke the Japanese. Evil.

  2. Von Trapp says:

    Naming him Trayvon shows that his parents rejected American culture. Screw them. Let them go back to Africa where they will have a wonderful life!

  3. Oh, sweet saint Trayvon, how we worship thee and thy bubbly faced photographs from years gone by. How we choose to forget and ignore the current pictures of your saintliness with your gold fronts and your gang signs. How we enjoy all the soft ego petting from society for holding “the right opinion”. How we bask in your glory as we pat ourselves on the back and compete amongst our friends for the title of, “Most socially conscious non ghetto dweller”. Oh, how we love to fawn all over ourselves for our “correct opinions” whilst NEVER having set foot in a single one of the neighborhoods in which these people reside. All praise the new religion of tolerance, self congratulation, and slowly disappearing up one’s own arsehole. Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have to go “tweet” about how much I love black people, who, in reality, hate my f’ing guts.

  4. Master/slave says:

    17 eh??? This young mans death is a tragedy of the Black Communities teaching their children that every other race out there want to keep you down, These Kids think that everyone is out to get them! No thanks to the Liberal Left keeping “Racism” alive and well in the media. This creates a tension between Blacks and everyone else. Wake Up America!!!

    • Political_Correctness_Hog_Wash says:

      It is amazing how AMERICAN’S regardless of color allow this. I feel as though the black community WANTS to be separate by their relentless squawking on such issues but say NOTHING when a black man shoots a white police officer to death or kills and rapes other white people. What’s up with that?

  5. Minorca says:

    I’m just going to say you all need to go back and take Journalism Ethics courses although I don’t know what good it’s going to do. You either have ethics or you don’t and it’s clearly obvious by the picture you chose to use in your cover that you don’t know the meaning of ethics. I for one, won’t be buying your magazine any time soon. You’re out there with NBC manipulating video, audio, etc. There’s no difference between what NBC did and what you’re doing here using this picture to manipulate people. Disgusting!

    • no face it white people are a disgusting and so are you

      • dalynisanass says:

        Get some grammar lessons, maybe an education? (The damn postings have spell check built in… USE IT!) A belt to keep those pants from drooping below your arse line, and WAKE UP! Your not doing yourself, or your race any favors by acting so ghetto, and fronting with derelict language… I have many black friends and acquaintances, but NO, all us “White” people are just disgusting…LOL Seems you need to get a slap of reality and understand YOU are the one keeping YOU down… as well as the sensationalistic media that just loves to ramp up these issues into piss poor journalism…

  6. Concerned_Dad says:

    Looks to me like chose the photo that most closely resembles a pre-teen DENZEL WASHINGTON. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    In case you didn’t see his tweets, Trayvon went out of his way to “represent” as a thug. Check this junk out:

    Way to uplift the race by calling yourself the N-word. Sad…

    • dalynisanass says:

      This is the REAL story, no major media will report on… Disgusting is what PEOPLE magazine is… What a farce!

  7. Becky Ison says:

    Ok, so there are pictures circulating with Trayvon Martin flipping the finger and rocking’ gold teeth. Let’s be realistic since most of you that wrote on this site seem to be educated (or not). What young child does not look up to musicians as their hero’s? I am sure there are many of you that wear things that you see someone famous wearing. First, I am not from the south, but I know in Florida and other southern States that they wear gold teeth. I never realized that Gold Teeth = Thugs. I guess every musician on television that rock gold teeth are thugs. So I guess every woman that has blonde hair is bimbo’s. This is all stereotyping and posting on this site that Trayvon Martin was a thug does not help with bringing the white and black community close together. Those that claim to be so educated and are making comments that are just as ignorant as the cover of the magazine need to STOP, TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR, and EVALUATE how much different you are from those you criticize. The most important part of the case was not discussed in one of your posting. That’s sad … there is a life lost and the ultimate goal should be justice. Was it a wrongful shooting or not. Let focus people, because as of right now everyone that posted on this page has failed.

    • Trece Jones says:

      Thank you so much for this post, I am writing a paper in my English class about racial profiling and steretyping and I hope that it is okay that I quote you! You are absolutely right about everything you stated in your response, and I believe that we need to change our way of thinking!

  8. dionna and tamera says:


  9. Dr.Doom says:

    the liberal media are not ethical journalists, they report to achieve an objective. just like the lies People magazine spews. that cover photo is not a represenative example of what Zimmerman encountered that night, so why run it? hmmmm…also some of the People articles describing him as an “honor student”! you mean the one who was there to begin with because he was suspended from school. what about the drugs and burglary tools in the past?
    the manufactured outrage of the black community is interesting too. they kill each other in far greater numbers than whites ever killed blacks and nothing is said, no one cares. i suspect that Zimmerman’s real crime was confronting Trevon about what he was doing there at that late hour. blacks do not like to be questioned, even if it is reasonable to do so. that and a big push to repeal stand your ground is what it’s really all about. so they can be allowed to circle us like sharks.
    maybe they should ask why there is a need today for concealed carry and stand your ground laws, when there was not decades back. that is the real outrage, the fact that black men though 6% of the population commit the majority of violent crime. blacks commit thousands of atrocities yearly against whites (rape, robbery, murder etc…) but they will whine, march, threaten and yes riot at the slightest perceived slight by non-whites. look at the reaction of the black community to the Rodney King verdict (riots/looting) and O.J. verdict (celebration, regardless of any potential guilt)
    i have begun to believe our ancestors were not wrong at all. they knew things we must painfully relearn at tremendous social, public safety & economic cost. the races can’t get along and must be separated. we must cut social programs and quit paying them to breed, to continue doing so is at our own peril and with tremendous cost to society. after decades of appeasement with no end in sight, it is time to tell blacks once and for all “you are on your own”. that may sound radical but i am suprised at the many formally moderate whites who feel that way now. after decades of handouts, AA, whining, riots etc…they have had enough. we need to muster the political courage to do this.

  10. The way you dress doesn’t determine who you are. The way someone dresses also shouldn’t be how people determine who other people are. So the kid took a few pics of himself flippin the bird, big friggin’ deal? He deserved to get shot because of that? Yea, he was a black kid out of place in the wrong neighborhood. Does that mean he deserved to be followed and harassed? And yes, I call Zimmerman getting out of his vehicle after following the kid, harassment. Up until that point Trayvon hadn’t done anything wrong. Sooo, how bout this? “One of these preppy ass white boys with his Sperrys and Polo shirt decides to go to the hood. He’s in the wrong neighborhood. Let’s stereotype this situation just as you all have done to the Trayvon sitch. Why else would this white boy be in the ghetto other than to buy drugs? He’s up to no good. I’m an active member of this community and am tired of the drug dealers and buyers. I’m gonna do something about this. I’m gonna follow this white motherfucker who is up to no good in my neighborhood. Uh, oh…I got outta my car and started a fight with him cuz I’m tired of these kind of people in my neighborhood buying drugs two feet from where my children play. Guess what? I have a gun, I picked a fight and am now losing that fight. In self defense for a fight that I started, I shot this white boy who is in the wrong neighborhood and ‘up to no good’. Uh, oh…he’s only seventeen and unarmed. BUT WAIT! I did it because he is up to no good in a neighborhood that he doesn’t look like he belongs in! I started a fight with him cuz I was following him and ended up losing….badly. So I shot him in self-defense!” What do you all think would happen to this black man who shot the preppy ass white boy who LOOKED like he was up to no good and in the wrong neighborhood? There’s no difference in this given hypothetical situation and the situation that actually occurred other than the colors of the members involved. So before you start blaming the liberal agenda, take a look in the mirror. You’re all doing it.

  11. RIH loser


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