Kesha is the latest victim of “Basketball Wives” bullying! But this time, her fellow cast-mate Royce Reed is complaining about her antics and attitude!

Royce penned a letter to her future ex-friend criticizing her, Evelyn and Shaunie’s behavior during their vacation in Tahiti. Even Royce was embarrassed and she was on the episode displaying her clear daddy issues…

Check out Royce’s letter, do you agree with what she is saying?

I was honestly just hoping Kesha didn’t say her skin hurt. Tami seemed as though she was trying to find something to get upset about and she chose a cough. From the way the girls were seated in the car, to laughing and making faces behind Kesha’s back if you take a screen capture from that scene and mine from the van in Spain, it’s almost identical.

I’m not sure what happened to Tami, but this isn’t the woman I’ve gotten to know. To see these women gang up on someone who has done nothing to them is embarrassing. I say ganging up because NO ONE did anything to stop it. If you don’t say anything you then become part of the problem. Who cares if Kesha was scared to get in the ocean with sharks and stingrays, I don’t believe I saw any of your asses in a swimsuit jumping in the water either. How are you going to call someone else scary when at least they put on the attire instead of saying “Oh Hell NO” in confessionals?????

I applaud Suzie and Kesha for appreciating what Tahiti had to offer and attempting to stay drama free. I find it amazing when alcohol is used as liquid courage and an excuse to turn into the HULK. Most times I drink, I get emotional, horny, and just want to dance…..:side-eye: lol. But if you know that drinks cause you to have a temper, why indulge just because everyone else is? The whole scene with Tami and Kesha I shook my head. At some point you have to look at yourself and say “Damn, that wasn’t a good look. I need to change the way I speak to people and handle things because I look crazy.” If you don’t see it, your “so-called” friends have and should tell you the same. Tami, if Evelyn and Shaunie found no problem with Kesha’s questions, it wasn’t up to you to find one. Tami, if you HEARD Kesha said all these things about you, why not call out the person who told you so you can get all three parties together.

I’m sure THAT PERSON was probably sitting at that table. I have an idea of two people who could’ve said it. One is known to talk a lot, and the other is a snake in the grass. If you’re going based off the footage that was shown, Kesha said “I seriously had to just NOT go off…and honestly, like, I could’ve came at Tami and said whatever I wanted to but there’s nothing I could’ve said that would’ve made her look worse than she was making herself look…Tami is like acting a fool” …She never said she wanted to, so why are you asking her to now??? The smirking on the side by Evelyn and Shaunie is a DAMN SHAME. Grown as women talking about a damn position! Grown ass women wanting to fight with no repercussions!I HEARD about what happened in Tahiti but seeing it now is an embarrassment and the sh!t is PISSING ME OFF!!!! GROWN ASS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN feeding into the stereotype already placed on us…plus two!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wasn’t Royce a “grown ass woman” who had to be carried out by security for a fight between her and evelyn? The whole cast is trashy. Shaunie could have done better. I no longer watch because it’s too negative & pointless.

    • Tracey says:

      Royce was carried out by security after she tried to get at Evelyn, AFTER Evelyn threw the drink in her face! The sentiments Royce expressed in this letter are the same sentiments felt by many, myself included. Evelyn, Shaunie, Tami and Suzie are a “grown up” version of the teen movie “Mean Girls”! Anytime grown women conspire together to humiliate, hurt or belittle someone else, it says a lot about their character. Tami has become Evelyn and Shaunie’s yes man. Shaunie is a snake, who sits back and laugh and talk about the others, but acts so humble when around that person! Evelyn is a BITCH, who is overcompensating for something she feels she missed out on in life. Tami is now blaming all of her issues on her childhood, get real! What position do you have within this triangle? How old are you really? “Respect my position?” After this episode, I definitely won’t be watching again, but I am looking forward to the day Ochocinco breaks Evelyn’s heart!!

  2. 2real4TV says:

    Royce you keep defending yourself because that was what you were clearly what you were doing in that episode. They who who to mess with and who not to mess with. So what Kesha is Really scary,fighting and confrontation is not for everyone! Royce well said about everyone sitting at that damn table bc they did let that mess gon on. If you asked me when the camera flashed on them it looked as if Shauni,Eve & Susie asses were scared(Straight)too!!
    In this letter you told that bully bitch Tami “Straight up from the gate up”!

  3. Miss Understood says:

    Well, you know my favorite saying…”Who cares” LOL. This whole show is fake and full of nonsense. I do agree with Royce’s whole letter, but the the key line that stood out for me the most is when she said, “GROWN ASS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN feeding into the stereotype already placed on us…”. Exactly! Not only that, these women are mothers and mothers of young girls and/or young women at that. What kind of examples are they setting for their daughters? But for Royce, I’ll say despite the fact that I agree with her points, rather than write the letter, man up and say this to Tami’s (your so-called friend) face…but we all know you won’t. EVERYBODY is scared of Tami. I mean even Evelyn is a punk. If you notice, she goes off on everyone she knows is weaker than her, HOWEVER, Tami, the one who straight molly-whopped Evelyn in the face in a previous season is now her bestfriend? C’mon please!!! Evelyn probably doesn’t like Tami…SHE’S SCARED OF HER. Ummm, what’s that saying? Oh yeah, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Get outta here LOL.
    I also say it’s fake because come on…they have a whole show about women who can’t stand each other, yet they would subject themselves to a trip abroad where they are stuck with each other? C’mon, please. And for Royce, you can’t stand any of them, but you remain on the show? Again, c’mon please. Maybe she’s binded to a contract, but if she signed a new one…again, c’mon please. The fact that there was even a “Baketball Wives: LA” shows how fake this is. Shaunie, who is the executive producer of both shows, actually produced a show that featured the woman who was accused of having an affair with her ex-husband Shaq and the woman’s sister who called Shaunie everything but a child on her own show? GIVE ME A BREAK…It’s all about the $$$ and the so-called entertainment…even though grown women acting like high school mean girls shouldn’t be entertaining. SMH

  4. LaDiiReDDs says:

    Shaunie cashing in on all women … First off she never gets involved just watch and you all are watching good or bad your tuning in

  5. ladybug says:

    This is a bully show. What happened to black woman coming together to overcome obstacles in life. I was done from when Tammi smacked Mika. Nobody should put their hands on another person period. If Tammi was brought up from a different upbringing and cannot contaime it then she should not be on the show. Bullying is a serious issue in America. I hope that this show gets boycotted and booted off. I am really disappointed of this show.

  6. Damn! Everything I wanted to say yall already did lol…

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