Former cast member, Meeka Claxton may have left the show last season, but not without a fight. Tami Roman, some say the show’s biggest bully, slapped Meeka across Italy and in a letter, Meeka let it be known that she’s not like these women. She even took legal action against Tami.

Now after seeing this season and watching Roman bully other cast mates–particularly Kesha Nichols–Meeka wants to know why she wasn’t considered a victim of Tami’s bullying and even posed the question in the form of a blog post.

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  1. Gee-gee jackson says:

    I truly believe 100% Ms. Tammy Roman is a BIG BULLY !!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don’t understand why Shaunie sit back and let Tammy just Debo every woman on there but, now she wander do anyone thinks she’s a ghetto hot mess. Well, if you ask me about Ms. Shaunie, I just dnt understand her character or demeanor on basketball wives or what she even stand for airing the show with soooo much hostility from two of her cast members yes, I said two lets not forget about the hot headed Evelyn either with Jennifer I know the show is about airing some of their dirty laundry but, to be invited or cast in doesn’t mean noone has to be hit on under nooooo circumstances………… I think meeka Claxton And Jennifer Williams is doing the right thing suing their behinds, learn to keep they’re hands to themselves and act like women and not wild animals………..

  2. Berri68 says:

    In all honesty, as a person looking into the show, not being present. The show is a ghetto Hot Mess. Everyone talks about one another. My questions is for what?!!! My sobs see the show, and ask me, “mom, why do you even watch that? To hear a 18 and 21 year old see that. The answer is: Rich men picked up women that can’t even make biscuits from scratch. They saw beauty with no real self esteem.
    I thought I would see more business endevours and community involvement. I’m at a shock. To Shaunie: ghetto hot mess…. No, your not. In our world. If this is all we see. What would you like those folks in business meetings to look at you as? The direction of the show needs to change.

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