This Usher & Tameka divorce court proceedings is juicier than a “Desperate Housewives” episode. In today’s testimony,Usher’s ex wife Tameka is saying that he allegedly slept with not one but two of her bridesmaids.

Here’s what went down today:

Attorney Lisa West called to the stand marriage Therapist Sola Winley who gave direct testimony as to why he believed Tameka Raymond was under a great deal of stress. One of the things that stood out in his testimony was the fact that Tameka told him that Usher had slept with two of her bridesmaids. This revelation apparently didn’t go well with Usher as he stormed out the courtroom during a recess mumbling the words, “Now I am sleeping with her bridesma

It didn’t end there, former nannies threw Usher and Tameka under the bus with details about how much they loved the kids but couldn’t deal with the horrible parenting going on.

No one is a winner in this case, I feel bad for those kids! Scandalous!!

The trial is in recess, and will be back in session in July.

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