I was very weary of the “American Idol” beef between diva Mariah Carey and rap star Nicki Minaj for two reasons. One: it seemed scripted. Two: It seemed very scripted…So when mainstream media made Nicki out to be a gun-totting thug, I just shook my head. Apparently Nicki felt the same way, especially towards media titan Barbara Walters. On the second episode of her reality series “Nicki Minaj: My Truth,” the life-size barb explained her frustrations with the journalist who labeled her “unpredictable,” questioning “Am I not good enough cause I’m a little black girl?”
After the beef with Mariah, Barbara allegedly reached out to Mimi for a statement, but didn’t bother to get Nicki’s side of the story. “Cause if I was J.Lo, you would have called,” she said. Nicki later admitted that she is happy to be along side Carey on the panel.

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  1. Barbara Walters doesn’t have Boost Mobile Niki

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