Lil Wayne may have had 10,000 reasons to rant about having slept with the wife of Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh.

In a bombshell diatribe, Wayne claimed the past dalliance got him banned from league events — an alleged punishment that an NBA executive told was nothing more than a tall tale.

Lil Wayne’s rant at a NBA All-Star Weekend performance has stirred up controversy when he claimed he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne.

But the website reported Weezy had a fling with Adrienne Bosh before she started going with her current husband, and the relationship ended with her conning him.

Adrienne Bosh has retweeted inspirational posts in an effort to clear her name but her scandalous past may be coming back to haunt her.

The romance ended when she told him she had cancer and needed help paying for medical treatment — only to take his money and run, the site reported.

Wayne told a few people about what happened, and the story became known gossip in industry circles — so much so that rapper Gillie Da Kid used the tale to take a shot in “Fronting Like Ya Daddy.”

A lyric from the song, “What about the time in New York when the shorty told you she had cancer. Had you in the room all teary-eyed and then you give her a check for 10 thousand.”

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  1. She Wanted SomeTruckit Money,. WEEZY, Lmmfaoo 🙁

  2. GetTiN It In says:

    please wayne would not give no women any money and if he did so what, 10 racks is like giving her $10, its nothing to a Boss

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