“Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman is learning that reality television can haunt her for years. On the fourth season of the show, Tami came across as a very mean person because she left Kesha Nichols in tears after taking her handbag from her while demanding an aggressive apology. Fans of the show reacted negatively, which caused Tami to take a step back and work on herself. Of course, it has been a year since the show aired, but it sounds like fans of the show haven’t forgotten what happened on the previous season of the show. And according to a new tweet released on Mar. 7, “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman isn’t thrilled when the previous season of the show is aired now because she has come such a long way since filming that.

“Sometimes I wish they didnt play reruns…or pay me some damn residuals for making me relive “old shit” that I’ve moved on from,” Tami wrote this morning after learning that the show had been aired the previous night. However, many fans of the show believe that she should have behaved, given she knew the producers were filming the entire time. “Well you should’ve thought about that before you did it. And on camera,” wrote one person. “Its comments like urs that annoy me-I did it…A YEAR AGO-life is changed now & id like to live in present,” Tami replied.

However, some people believe that Tami has done what she can to move on. “They have to show where u came from so we can appreciate we to you are today. U came along way mama. (We’re) proud of u,” another fan wrote. Are you surprised Tami is still getting negativity from the show?

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  1. Tami Roman….My Fav Basketball Wife…great actor…etc

  2. anonymous says:

    Tami please and shut up lalee

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