6:30 PM PT — Sources at the hospital tell us Wayne is still in critical condition in the ICU … but stabilizing.

We’re told the prognosis is uncertain.

Wayne is sleeping right now … which is odd, because he just tweeted saying he’s OK and thanking people for the prayers and love.

5:16 PM PT — Wayne’s mother is currently on a plane flying to Los Angeles — and we’re told all major decisions about Wayne’s health (including the decision to discontinue life support) will not be made until she arrives.

Lil Wayne
 is in ICU in critical condition after suffering yet another seizure, and we’re told it doesn’t look good … TMZ has learned.

We broke the story … the 30-year-old rapper was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. Tuesday night after suffering multiple seizures.  He was released Wednesday but just hours later one of his bodyguards found him in his room, on the floor and unconscious.

Wayne was rushed to the hospital again, but this time he did not stabilize.  He was taken to ICU, where he was placed in restraints because he was shaking uncontrollably.

We’re told Wayne is currently “unstable,” and has been placed in an induced coma.  He is breathing through tubes.

We’re told several people are at Wayne’s bedside crying, and a number of rap artists and family members are on the way.  Sources say the scene is violent as Wayne shakes uncontrollably.

Sources say there’s evidence Wayne went on a Sizzurp binge after being released Wednesday, because doctors found high amounts of codeine in his system.

We’re told Wanye’s stomach was pumped 3 times to flush the drugs from his system.


Lil Wayne, the 30-year-old New Orleans rap superstar, is alive and tweeting.

After the gossip website TMZ reported that Wayne was in an induced coma at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, Wayne went on Twitter to assure his fans he was alright.

“I’m good everybody,” a message posted Wayne’s Twitter account Friday evening read. “Thx for the prayers and love.”

Rapper Lil Wayne Weezy tweeted ” I’m good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.” at 9:30pm EDT March 15, 2013, after a report he was read his last rites at Cedars Sinai medical center in L.A.


The rapper’s publicist told the Daily News that Wayne was not in any imminent danger.

“He is not in critical condition. He is recovering and doing well now. He appreciates everyone’s concern. But he is okay,” Kia Selby, a publicist at Cash Money Records, said.

The gossip website TMZ initially reported that Lil Wayne was receiving his last rites at the hospital, but later scrubbed that claim from its story.

Wayne was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night after suffering a series of seizures. After being released on Wednesday, one of the rapper’s bodyguards found him lying on the floor of his room, TMZ said, and he was taken back to the hospital.

While details about Wayne’s condition remained scarce, TMZ initially said that he was in an induced coma, and that his family was gathering at the hospital.

Mack Maine, president of Young Money, Wayne’s record label, offered a markedly different assessment of his boss’ condition however, saying that the two were watching basketball together.

Lil Wayne had origianlly been admited to the hospital on Tuesday, after falling ill while making a video with Nicki Minaj.

“Wayne is alive and well!” Maine tweeted. “We watching the Syracuse game…thanks for the prayers and concern..he will update you all soon.”

In a later tweet, Maine continued, “We will be releasing an official statement shortly but dont [sic] believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe…that’s false!!”

Lil Wayne has had run-ins with the law over the course of his career. On Oct. 5, 2007, he was booked in Ada County, Idaho over an arrest warrant on a felony fugitive charge.

As evening fell in Los Angeles, TMZ backed off an earlier claim that Wayne was preparing to receive his last rites at the hospital.

Wayne apparently fell ill while shooting a video with singer and rapper Nicki Minaj, who Wayne helped propel to stardom, The Guardian reported.

A well-known proponent of a homemade elixir known as sizzurp that mixes soda and codeine, Wayne had been hospitalized six months ago for an unknown ailment.

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