Willow Smith and her mom Jada Pinkett Smith took a jaunt to the Hawaiian island of Kauai last week, sans Will and 14-year-old Jaden. The 12-year-old singer and actress was snapped catching some waves as she sported her newly-dyed light purple locks, while mom Jada proved that being 41 doesn’t mean you still can’t be white hot in a bikini! She also proved that she works out — a lot. Check out those abs!

So why weren’t the Smith men also having fun in the sun? Will and (Kylie Jenner’s maybe-sorta boyfriend) Jaden were off on their own trip to Japan — but not for play. The father and son were there to promote their upcoming movie, “After Earth,” ahead of its May 31 release. The M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi flick features the Smiths as a father and son stranded on Earth 1,000 years after the rest of humanity has escaped. In it, Will’s character is injured, so it’s left up to 14-year-old Jaden’s character to find help.

Jada has also been hard at work herself promoting the new documentary that she and Will exec produced, called “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners,” about 1960s radical and political activist Angela Davis, which opened Friday.
Willow, you’re up!

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