Last night’s American Idol left the judges in so much shock that Mariah Carey burst in to tears when it was announced that Burnell Taylor had been eliminated from the competition.

Having been praised by them for his performances week after week, the judges were left in shock when it was announced that Burnell was in the bottom two with Janelle Arthur after failing to secure enough public votes to see him through to next week.

The shock came as a result to hopeful Lazaro Arbos being saved for another week despite giving mediocre performances. Even media mogul Jimmy Iovine who had said prior to the announcement:


“There can only be one person going home tonight and that’s Lazaro.”

Mariah became emotional after hearing the results. So did Nicki Minaj.

However it wasn’t meant to be and upon hearing the news, Mariah tearfully told Burnell and Janelle: “I love you both dearly.”

Despite being left shocked with who was standing before them facing elimination, the judges decided not to use their “save of the season”, with Randy Jackson delivering the news to Burnell telling him: “I’m sorry, no. Good luck brother, we love you, we love you.”

Burnell has become the latest hopeful to be eliminated from the show.

Following his elimination, Nicki Minaj who also showed her emotion with the result tweeted Burnell: “I’ll love u long after ur gone, gone, gone…Sky’s the limit my love. You’ve inspired me and millions of others. @BurnellAI12 Did Louisiana proud. XO.”

Mariah also took to her Twitter page and posted: “Burnell, no more making me cry!!! Note to America: be sure to watch some of his earlier performances. #rawtalent xoxo”

The finalists take to the stage to perform

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