Kim Zolciak said she couldn’t rule out a return to “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but it seems Kandi Burruss would prefer it if she did.
“I don’t think she should come back,” Kandi recently told “The Gossip Game” star Ms. Drama.

Though Kandi and Kim are in the middle of a legal battle over the rights to music Kandi produced for the “Tardy for the Party” singer, that apparently has nothing to do with her preferring Kim stay gone.

“The reason why is because she wasn’t trying to participate in anything anymore. We were very serious in what we were saying about coming places and always trying to stay 30 minutes to an hour and leaving, and always having an excuse,” Kandi said, referring to grievances vented during the season 5 reunion show.

“To be doing a show with people, you have to participate. You have to engage,” said Kandi, who was initially worried when Kim left.

“Our ratings actually went up,” said Kandi.

As for the current cast members, Kandi wants her co-stars to return, including newbies Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart.
“I wanted everybody to stay, just because I feel like we had a great season,” said Kandi, who revealed that there’s still a lot going on between the co-stars now. “It’s still a whole bunch going on…that’ll be interesting to watch for the next season.”

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