Embattled R&B star Lauryn Hill is making the most of her freedom before she has to report to jail by making last-minute plans to perform in New York this week.

The former Fugees frontwoman was handed a three-month sentence for tax evasion last Monday and has been ordered to turn herself in to authorities by 8 July.

Hill, who recently unveiled her first new song in three years, Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix), online, has since decided to use her remaining days to showcase her new material and announced on Friday night that she would be hitting the stage in Brooklyn on Tuesday.

In a post on her page, she wrote, “Hi! Decided to do a last minute show next week in Brooklyn at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Wanted to play NS Live!”

Last month, Hill revealed that she had signed a new record deal to release the follow-up to her classic 1998 release, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

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  1. noplay53 says:

    This system has never embraced the truth, and light and darkness cannot cohabitate together. What fellowship does darkness has with light? The industry has not changed it concepts.
    The song” I get out” was nice if the artist had believe what she was saying. Sadly when you are brainwashed to think that you have something important to say that does not bring people out of darkness is deception. Lauryn failed to acknowledge what scripture says. The world is blinded by Satan deceits. We have been cosmetized to thinking that all the bling bling is real and the money is never ending.
    Well, look, Lauryn came out supposedly early, but what was her money invested in?? She fell prey to the back side of the dilemma. They were banking that she would come back sooner or later. Once you have eaten from the table of deceit there are not many that will give that up. I am told it like hitting a crack pipe once you know the feeling; you keep trying to get it again.
    Finally every time she goes back to partaking with demons she is bringing more spirits into her body and is churning out this poison to the people. If indeed the unplugged album was the real Lauryn Hill, why would you keep going back to b e a counterfeit? After all if the songs are not from God and for his glory, they can only be from the devil. There are only two forces on the planet. Good and Evil.
    Choose Lauryn, you can’t hide, Satan or God is gonna find you. The question is do you want truth or have you drifted back to fantasy?

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