Kelly Rowland has got a new man in her life, and she can’t stop blushing about him.

The Talk A Good Game siren stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” for a chat about everything she’s got going, but Wendy wanted to know a little more about “Dirty Laundry.”

Even though Kelly has been asked a million times whether she was really jealous of Beyonce, Kelly finally got a chance to put the lyrics in better perspective with Wendy. “It was a time where I was growing, I was young. I was making so many decisions by myself–especially coming away from the group–wanting success by myself away from Destiny’s Child,” Kelly explained. “That’s basically what they was.”

Kelly further clarified, “I never had rage against my sister. I was in rage of all the things that I was going through. Decisions that I was making and things like that. The song is about me.”

With that out of the way, Wendy did a little digging on Kelly’s love life only to uncover some tea that Kelly has got someone special in her life. “I am dating,” said Kelly, who admits that she is in love with her mystery man. “I do want to get married. I feel like I’m missing out. I really, really do.”

For now, though, Kelly is just enjoying her time with her new boo. “He’s just a good guy, and I’m just very happy above anything,” Kelly said with a smile.

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