Beyonce’s bow down antics were apparent at her Mrs. Carter Show in Atlanta Friday when she ordered a fan to “put that damn camera down!”

Jay-Z’s wife made a tour stop at Gwinnett Center and engaged the crowd in her usual fashion with the 2006 hit “Irreplaceable.” Going from person-to-person to hear them sing the lyrics “To the left, to the left,” Beyonce stopped in front of one fan who was more concerned with recording video of her than belting out the tune, E! News reports.

Beyonce belts out a tune at Atlanta’s Gwinnet Center Saturday where she told a fan ‘I’m right in your face baby. You’ve got to seize this moment!’ as they were recording a video of her instead of singing.

“See, you can’t even sing because you’re too busy taping,” she said looking directly at her devotee. “I’m right in your face baby. You’ve got to seize this moment, baby! Put that damn camera down.”

Beyonce demanded her fans to come from behind their camera lens and enjoy her show. ‘Everybody put their camera down!’

Just as the Queen B asked, the fan sang it again – and she approved, saying “Yes, that’s much better.”

The 31-year-old singer’s demands reportedly didn’t stop there. While she continued the tune she supposedly told the crowd to sing and commanded that “everybody put their camera down!”

Beyonce knows how to keep her fans listening as the diva released a 4-second preview for her “Bow Down” video Tuesday. Blue Ivy’s mom appears with platinum grills and a don’t-mess-with-me persona, which is sure to have devotees anticipating the video in its entirety.

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