Momma Dee thinks Wendy Williams has no right to look down on her or the cast of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Wendy admitted that she’s a little ashamed of how much she loves to watch “LHHA,” telling her audience earlier this month, “The show makes me embarrassed to be black.”

Revealing that she watches the show twice every Monday, she let the cast know not to get too excited about her being a fan because she doesn’t deem any of them to be suitable guests except for Joseline.

Well when caught up with Momma Dee she had some choice words for the chat host and a little advice. When asked if she had any words for Wendy, Momma Dee said, “Get the Hell off. You don’t know us, b*tch.”

She suggested that Wendy get over her own prejudice and reconsider her policy not to chat with anyone from “LHHA.” “If you had us on the show you could get to know us,” she said. “You can fake and taint what you want — if you took time to have the cast on your show you’d know.”

And Momma Dee believes that Wendy’s attitude about the show and it’s cast is evidence that the chat diva has lost touch with herself and her community…and in that order. “A cr*cker paid you to do your own show and you’re going to belittle us,” said Momma Dee. “Wendy, you forgot where you came from!”

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  1. ms kelly says:

    Wendy don’t wanna fuk wit Momma Dee….LOL

  2. anonymous says:

    Momma Dee you are definitely a jiggaboo and Wendy is just a hypocrite. Just ask Kevin and Charlamagne

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