Drake, who boasts about being “25 sittin’ on $25 mil,” stiffed his stylist on a $40,000 bill, according to a new Manhattan lawsuit. He hired Michael Raphael of the Lower East Side last August to be his personal shopper and create a signature wardrobe, reports The Post’s Julia Marsh. Raphael, 30, who even moved to Canada to be at the Toronto-born singer’s side for photo and video shoots, was canned just months later, in December. According to the Manhattan Supreme Court suit, he never got paid for his work. The stylist submitted receipts for clothing and accessories he’d bought for Drake and charged to his own debit card, including $347.99 at Footlocker, $579.49 at J. Crew and $900 in travel costs to deliver a pendant to Drake for the American Music Awards. Raphael, who owns the appointment-only boutique Rest Store, tucked away on the second floor of a Mulberry Street building, says he’s also on the hook for $7,000-plus in hotel bills and airline tickets, plus more for other services. He wants compensation plus an award for breach of contract. Drake’s reps did not get back to us.

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  1. anonymous says:

    He has a stylist?


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