Not too long ago, NeNe Leakes suggested that on-air nemesis Kenya Moore should be the cast member booted off of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” instead of Porsha Williams whose future is reportedly hanging in the balance, but it seems the “Dancing with the Stars” hopeful has changed her mind and is now questioning Cynthia Bailey’s worth on the show.

“Cynthia is…I think everybody knows. I think Cynthia is okay. It’s not like she’s really bringing anything to the show. To be honest, she talks about The Baily Agency and BarOne. It’s not like they’re really talking about anything,” NeNe said about her former reality TV BFF during a recent “Watch What Happens Live” interview.

Host Andy Cohen could hardly hide his surprise when hearing NeNe take aim at Cynthia’s contributions to the show, and the Bravo exec even tried to defend Cynthia, reminding NeNe that she’s been pretty loyal to the original housewife.

“She ain’t got my back like that,” said NeNe who claimed that Cynthia is a fickle people pleaser.

“When the wind blow, you blow this way; you blow that way,” she said. “I think Cynthia’s a good friend, but I think she just blows wherever the wind blows. She’s always been cool with me. If she was over there with Kandi [Burruss], she was over there with Kandi. If she was over there with Phaedra [Parks], she was with Phaedra. I think that Cynthia was my friend; that’s what I thought. I think Cynthia will blow whichever way the wind blows. That’s what I think.”

As the season 6 finale aired, Kenya and Cynthia, who was the only cast member to attend Kenya’s memorial services for her dog Velvet, agreed that they are friends. That new relationship seemed to irk NeNe.

“When you have a friend and they do something wrong or something you don’t like, I don’t think you align yourself with the enemy. You stick with your friend and you say, ‘Look we were friends. You did this and I did not like that,’ but at the end of the day you don’t align yourself with the enemy,” NeNe reasoned. “To me it just says, ‘You’re weak.’ That’s how it comes off to me. We’re not cool anymore. We’re just not cool anymore.”

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  1. anonymous says:

    Nene be changing friends like shoes. Bring back Sheree and Kim!

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