Nicki Minaj is in as many Twitter feuds as Donald Trump. Have they feuded with one another yet? The season 12 judge on “American Idol” has had a rocky season along with fellow new judge Mariah Carey. Their feud continued recently with Minaj responding to a Perez Hilton tweet by calling Carey “insecure” and “bitter.” So who is receiving Nicki’s Twitter wrath now? “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush and Laura Saltman got slammed on Twitter by Nicki who didn’t take too kindly to some on-air comments from the hosts.

According to, on a “Access Hollywood” segment, Saltman mentioned how Nicki ignored her when she tried to ask the diva about her feud with Carey. Saltman then wrote on that Nicki is “a mean girl, a cyber-bully who is just perpetuating the problems of social media.” This, of course, didn’t go over well with Nicki.
Nicki (@NickiMinaj) responded by unleashing a slew of tweets aimed at Saltman and Bush. You can read them here. Warning: They are NSFW:

“Honestly, if your day was really RUINED because i walked away from a question, rather than discuss something negative, u need a LIFE. Lmao.”

“Like…why? I spk to these ppl every single week. Go above and beyond! And the one time i ignore your ignorance u try to paint a bad pic?”

“The audacity of you to call me n?sty with your one sided journalism. Thats what u ppl do. Yes. I AM the female Kanye cunt @billybush.”

“Barbz, this is why I stress the importance of hard work, ambition & higher education. These ppl want so bad to keep us down.”

“But shout out to all the REAL journalists who were there and asked questions about AMBER and the rest of the CONTESTANTS!!! *salutes u*”

“like that man Billy Bush…like r u the fake ryan seacrest? like my g, who the fuk r u? lmao. i gotta laugh at this shit. i swear to God”

“I used to let these ppl say whatever they wanted about me, not anymore. I am blessed & highly favored, not afraid of losing your acceptance”

“I wldve respected her had she pulled me aside like a BOSS. But going to your “friends” to have them lash out against me on TV? grow up hoe”

“See, nothing scares me….don’t need any show, any audience, any endorsement…God is real. I’m just enjoying life…whr he brought me from”

“ay yo @RyanSeacrest , looks like I found your stunt double…I call dis young Diva Lyin Seacrest… @billybush”

Ouch! Nicki obviously didn’t hold back in defending herself. The rapper is taking on anyone and everyone who dares to call her out. This wasn’t the first report of Nicki being difficult backstage and acting like a diva. However, do you think the criticism of her is fair?

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